Garden and Plant Services

We are happy to meet with you to answer any questions or discuss project ideas you envision for your urban space.

Design & Installation

With a focus on native plants that create urban “pollinator hotspots” to help support vital species such as Monarch butterflies and native bees, we help you design, install and maintain your home landscape – individually priced to your project!

Pruning and Weeding

Basic pruning of shrubs and trees up to 15 feet –  $75/hour and up

The chore that never ends! Weeding is tiresome but vital to the health of your garden. Removing weeds reduces competition for water and nutrients, allowing your annuals and perennials to flourish – $50/hour and up

Small-space Food Gardens

Consultations, design, and installation to help you learn to grow your own safe, healthy kitchen garden. – individually priced to your project!

Let’s build something together.